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Film Making

Over the past 4 years, I have been running an after school club where children have been making their own films.  The pupil’s took part in all stages of the film making from thinking of the ideas all the way through to the editing process.

What software do the pupils use?

The pupils use Windows Movie Maker on the laptops and Imovie on the Imacs.  Obviously, the Imovie has more complex editing techniques, but there are only 3 of them in the school.  In each class, we have between 8-10 laptops, so using Movie Maker is the best option when the film making is to be carried out in class.

In April 2010, I organised a Dogsthorpe Junior School Film Awards event.  I set the task for all classes to create a film about the environment.  All classes had to create a 3 minute film which was going to be showcased to the whole school.  In preparation for this, I delivered staff INSET to get all the teachers to be able to use Windows Movie Maker and Photostory 3 so they were able to teach their pupils the skills to be successful film editors.

All classes had a two week block of learning that was based around film making.  It started off with a whole school assembly to outline the ‘Film Fortnight’ and make it really high profile in the school.  After this, each class or year group watched a film which linked to the environment; the pupils had to write a film review on it using the Filmclub website.  Following this, the pupils were to brainstorm ideas which they were going to make their film about; each film had to pay homage to the film that they watched in class.

Once all the films were finished, some of the governors were invited in to the school to judge the winning entries; we are lucky enough to have a retired cameraman on out governing body!

The film awards event at our school was amazing!  The pupils were invited to come to school in their best dress.  There were girls in organa dresses and boys in their smart tuxedos.  There were 12 categories in all, with each class winning a category.  Each class won an amazing gold start trophy which was engraved with their class name.  It really gave them something to be really proud about.  When the pupils came on the stage, they were asked to deliver an acceptance speech; they were truely please with their moments of stardom.

There were 3 overall winners:One Best Film and two runners up.  These winners were entered into the Peterborough Children’s Film Awards.  Lucky for us, we were successful at getting one nomination this year; the standards of films were extremely high as we would have liked more!  However, in 2009, we were lucky enough to win two awards and be nominated for a further two categories. See the link below for the article  on the event.

Peterborough Evening Telegraph Article

On the other hand, this year, there was a teacher film award category, where this year I was successful enough to win!!



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