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Tutpup is a great website where the children appear to have a short competition with children from all over the world. This can be used to support the learning of numeracy and spelling.

My class love playing this!  They try to race each other and find this more competitive that with others around the world. My class go home and play it too. The discussion about the ‘Hall of Fame’ are quite frequent in the mornings as the children enter the classroom. 

tutppThe thing I like about it is that I can monitor how much the children use it and when.  This is especially useful when it is planned as an activity as part of a lesson.  This ensures that no children have opted out of learning.

 Setting it up is really easy.  First, you need to register yourself with a teacher account.  During this process, it will ask you to type in a class code so that when the children sign up, there accounts are streamed to your account.  When the children sign up, all they need to do is choose a user name.  This is a coloured animal with a number.  This is great as it means that no one knows what their real name is.  For the log in process, they need to add the class code that you have given them.  Once all our class have been set up, I highly recommend locking our account, which is pretty straight forward through the teacher settings.  I didn’t do this the first time I used this and I ended up with a class of 60 children as they went home and shared the class code with their siblings.  The children also go home forgetting their username and create another account.  What I now do is print off the list of users from my class list, cut out the list and ask the children to stick it into their planners so they have access to their account username at home and in school.

After using Tutpup, I have found that the children mental maths skills have improved.  However, I have not yet noticed any benefit with spellings of my class by the use of the spelling activity.  Nonetheless, it’s great fun!



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