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What is Voicethread?

This is an excellent classroom resource.  It can be used across all areas of the curriculum that requires children to have an opinion about an image, document and video.  It allows lots of people to look at a given image, document and video and gove comments using a range of ways including text, voice or webcam clip.   The shared document can be sent via a web link and all you have to do is register! Simple.

How I set this up?

It took a whole morning to set up my Year 4 children with an account to including a photo. Luckily, my wonderful Teaching Assistant took this task on.

Firstly, the children registered using their school email address and I asked that they only used their first name for security and safety reasons.  Next, they added an image of themselves using the built in webcam on the netbooks that my class use, some of the children added boarders too! They then imported their image to their account so they were all set up and ready to go.

How I used Voicethread in my class

At my school, we usea learning platform.  I set a course for the children so that a learning objective was identified.  Success steps were also created so they knew the learning journey they needed to take.  Then I added the weblink as a resource so the children were directed straight to the page.  All they had to do is sign in and comment away.


How it was used to enhance the curriculum

This is a great resource that can covers a range of National Curriculum skills.  I used Voice thread so the children have a literacy objective in a theme/history lesson.  Once the children accessed the link through the learning platform, they were sent to watch a video that was 6 minutes long about a pirate ship in historical times.  The children were required to look at the post made by me which indicated how many sentences they had to produce in their comment/post.

How this can enhance the child’s learning

I really like the way the child can access this at learning at home.  If the child has access to the internet, they are able to log in on their learning platform account and cointinue their learning at home if they wish.  Because it is not a school specific resource, they are able to pick up where they left off without there being any barriers with programs not working from home.  I know that the children do go home and revisit their learning at home through the learning platform, as I have monitored this.  A few children in my class also revisited the pirate work and added sound and additional comments, some even changed their picture several times.

How this could be improved

I feel that I did not give the children time to complete this learning as effectively as it could have been.  Next time, I would ensure that it is not rushed and I will ensure  they take as long as they need to complete this.

Another issue is, this is only a free resource if you use it less that 3 times.  After that, you need to upgrade and pay.  The way I work round this is by setting up another account using a different email address.

There is also an issue with the children whom are not as ICT literate as we would hope.  There typing is slow and they have often edited without confirming their post.  Therefore, they have lost all the hard work that they produced.  It is important that the skills of using Voicethread is modelled.  You could also use a Lead Learner to support the less able children.

What I am going to do next

Next term (September 2009), I am going to be using voice thread regualary.  As I am about to get another class, my TA will be working hard during the first week or so to get them all set up.

I am going to ensure that they have enough time to complete their work.  I will also give them the oportunity to use all the different ways of commenting by using it with all areas of the curriculum.

Look out for my new post in the new school year!



1. Savelina Lepou - September 11, 2010

Thank you for this information. I have only recently started a classroom blog and am constantly looking for new ways for the children to share their work.

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